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The Cogent Advisor is Personal Chief Financial Officer to a select number of successful financial trading professionals and others seeking experienced care and guidance as they accrue ... and enjoy their personal wealth.

Managing wealth = managing risks. Professional traders know: Risk comes from all directions. You can’t control external forces; you can control your informed response. We help clients manage risks — in the market and their own — to make cogent choices for themselves, their family, their life.

Michael J. Evans’ wealth management experience is honed by his prior, 20-year career as a proprietary trader on and off the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Our offices in Chicago's landmark Willis Tower are blocks from the CME, Michael’s roots.


  • What’s Good for the Financial Goose

    As wealth advisors, we sometimes wonder if we begin to sound like a broken record as we repeat timeless essentials to sensible investing, such as: 1. Strive for efficiency over fancy footwork. 2. Heed evidence over emotion. 3. Keep a[…]

  • Larry Swedroe Enters the Alpha Lions’ Den … and Comes Out Alive

    Those who don’t closely track the financial press may be unfamiliar with the forum” Because “Alpha” is financial lingo for trying to outperform the rest of the market, the site often, and not surprisingly, publishes authors who directly counter[…]

  • Diversifying Human Capital

    From 65 to Zero in 10 Seconds: Managing Your Human Capital Risk If your life’s calling were an automobile, which would you be: A fast-paced Ferrari, tech-savvy Tesla or stalwart Subaru? Working as we do with traders, athletes and other[…]





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