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The Cogent Advisor is Personal Chief Financial Officer to a select number of successful financial trading professionals and others seeking experienced care and guidance as they accrue ... and enjoy their personal wealth.

Managing wealth = managing risks. Professional traders know: Risk comes from all directions. You can’t control external forces; you can control your informed response. We help clients manage risks — in the market and their own — to make cogent choices for themselves, their family, their life.

Michael J. Evans’ wealth management experience is honed by his prior, 20-year career as a proprietary trader on and off the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Our offices in Chicago's landmark Willis Tower are blocks from the CME, Michael’s roots.


  • The Power of the BAM ALLIANCE National Conference

    At The Cogent Advisor, we assist successful professionals who are seeking to confidently convert their stellar earnings into durable wealth for themselves and their family. To do this right, we can’t do it alone, which is why we are proudly[…]

  • And the Beat Against Private Equity Goes On

    In my last post, I explored the concept of accredited investors, and how financial bounty may or may not be a good predictor for financial smarts. With good timing, BAM ALLIANCE’s Director of Research Larry Swedroe just explored a similar theme[…]

  • Are “Rich Enough” Accredited Investors Really Smart Enough?

    The term, “accredited investor” is a fancy way for government regulators to say, “You’ve got enough money; you must know your way around Wall Street.” On the one hand, being an accredited investor grants access to more exclusive offerings such[…]





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